The Knowledge Base,

The site that you are viewing this article on is the first place to check if you have a question or run into an issue. This site is our knowledge base, it contains a tonne of articles that include tile descriptions, how-tos and just general information about all our products that are to answer those questions and issues that you may have.
We would love it if you could give some feedback on each article that you read as that is what will let us know the article is helpful or not and if we need to adjust the article to better answer your questions.

Intercom Chat

If you can't find an answer to your question on our knowledge base then you can reach out one of our awesome team by starting an Intercom Chat. To start an Intercom Chat all you have to do is write a message in the little chat widget that is always positioned on the bottom right of any knowledge base article, our public site ( or on our Design Canvas.
We always want you to have the most powerful LiveTiles experience. We do not want your LiveTiles experience to be slowed down by a question that you need to be answered. If you need a questioned answered quickly then reach out to us on the Intercom Chat we generally reply within the first two minutes and if not we also contact you as soon as we can to get you back on track and moving forward on your LiveTiles journey.

Additionally, from the Design Canvas LiveTiles will be storing your browser type, username and email address, allowing us to make sure that the information we give you is relevant and directed to the right user. This enables us to track your issues and maintain contact across multiple tenants. If, for some reason, you do not want Intercom Chat in the Design Canvas, you do have the option to turn this off. This can be found under the Manage tab in the LiveTiles Design Homepage.

LiveTiles Support Team,

If you have an issue that you would like to track and track its process then please send that issue to or head over to Each of the issues that you have will be logged as an individual ticket that can be tracked by you by logging into We will handle all your tickets with the utmost care and respond to them and get a solution to you as soon as we can.

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