LiveTiles Blueprint is deployed as a SharePoint hosted app. At this stage, the app is not available in the public SharePoint app store. It is, therefore, necessary to deploy into an organisation app catalog in SharePoint. 

Below takes you through the following steps required to successfully install LiveTiles Blueprint for LiveTiles SharePoint: 

  • Download the App
  • Adding the App to the App Catalog
  • Adding the App to a site collection

NOTE: This assumes that you have completed the steps in Prerequisites - LiveTiles SharePoint Installation

Step one- Download the App

Step two- Adding the App to the App Catalog

Locate your copy of the LiveTiles Blueprint App file
Open the SharePoint App Catalog (e.g. https://<yourdomain>

Step three- Click Upload

Upload the LiveTiles Blueprint App file.

Step four- Adding the App to a site collection

Open the SharePoint site collection you wish to use LiveTiles Blueprint in (e.g.https://<yourdomain>

  1. Go to Site Contents
  2. Click New
  3. Click App

   4.Search and select to Install the LiveTiles Blueprint app (you should see it under the Apps you can add section)

     5. You will be prompted to Trust the app with its associated permissions.  

      6. Once the installation process is completed you will see the app under Site Contents:

LiveTiles Blueprint is now ready to use!

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