When integrated with your online calendar, the bot can be used for some basic functions around meetings. The functionality currently supported includes:

  • book a meeting,
  • delete a meeting,
  • view upcoming meetings,
  • and open a meeting directly in Office 365.

Technical detail

Current calendar supported is Outlook as part of Office 365 through the Graph API.


Coming soon.

Using the meeting ability

Book a meeting

In order to book a meeting, just provide the bot with the relevant information. For example:

  • Book a meeting
  • Schedule a meeting for tomorrow at 11am
  • Organize a meeting on Thursday at 3pm
  • Book a meeting with Emma at 4pm

Once the bot has identified all the information needed to create the meeting, it will prompt you with a confirmation card. Here you can see all the details, and confirm they are correct.

At this stage changes can be made to the meeting, for example updating the time by replying with 'change time to 5pm'. The bot will respond with an updated confirmation card.
Once you hit the 'Confirm' button, the meeting will be created in your calendar.
If there were attendees included in the meeting, they will be sent invites once the meeting is created, as per standard Outlook functionality. This is separate from the bot and you'll receive their responses through email as per normal process.

Delete a meeting

When the details of one particular meeting is displayed, you have the option to delete it via the 'Delete' button. This will remove the meeting from your calendar in Office 365 as well.

Upcoming meetings

Upcoming meetings can be viewed for various time periods. You can view one meeting that is coming up next, or a list of meetings for the upcoming day, week or even month. Example use cases are:

  • meetings for this week
  • next meeting
  • this month's meetings
  • meetings for Monday
  • meetings for November
  • meetings on June 12th

Opening a meeting

When viewing the details of a meeting in the bot, you will be able to edit or open the meeting via the 'Edit' button. This will open the meeting in a new browser window or tab in Office 365.

Example video

The below video gives an overview of the meeting functionality currently available in the bot.

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