The News List (Legacy) Tile

How to Use

In order to use the news list tile, you will need to connect a list which you will have set up in your manage space section. Once you have set up your list, you will be able to choose the list from the options you have.



Width: Sets the width of the tile.
: Sets the height of the tile.
Background Colour
: Sets the background colour of the tile.
Hover Colour
: Sets the hover colour of the tile.
Show Image
: Allows the user to choose whether to show images or not.
Image Style
: Sets how the image is displayed in the tile.
Max Content Length
: Sets the max character length shown on the tile


List: Sets the list the tile points to.
Item Count Limit
: Sets the amount
Order By
: Sets the order which the list shows the items by.


Click Behaviour: Chooses the click behaviour of the tile.
Click Target
: Chooses the type the link will open in.
Modal Width
: Allows the user to set the width of the modal.
Modal Height
: Allows the user to set the height of the modal.
Modal Style
: Chooses whether the modal opens in framed or frameless.


Override Page Font: Allows the user to override the page font.
Font Family
: Allows the user to choose from a set of fonts or allow the user choose a custom web font.
Font Size
: Changes the size of the font.
Font Color
: Changes the colour of the font.
Font Style
: Allows the user to choose if the font is underlined/Italic.
Font Weight
: Allows the user to choose the weight of the font.


Layer: Allows the user to choose the background layer, foreground layer or a custom layer set via the z-index
Reorder within Layer
: Allows the user to choose to move the tile to the front of the layer or the back of the layer.


Tile Visibility: Allows the owner to be able to choose what groups the tiles are hidden from/only shown to.
Custom CSS Classes
: Allows the user to put custom CSS classes onto the tile allowing them to target the tile using the code snippet tile.

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