LiveTiles Design is a SharePoint-hosted add-in, "LiveTiles Design Manager", that is usually uploaded to a SharePoint app catalog, then deployed on a per site collection basis. The add-in itself has a single page, the "installer page", that will create multiple items in the host system, including:

- The "LiveTiles Design" subsite that contains the designer pages and supporting example list data. The product requires operating from a subsite to enable pages to be created anywhere in the site collection with ease. 

- The "LiveTiles Owners" and "LiveTiles Designers" SharePoint groups for controlling access to the subsite

Design relies heavily upon the SharePoint Client-Side Object Model (CSOM) to perform its operations, with some use of the emerging SharePoint REST APIs - all standard SharePoint services that follow normal security access behaviors for SharePoint. All of the pages and persistent data is stored in the local site collection, meaning there is no reliance on outside services to host your page and all data is retained in your SharePoint instance. There is no code running on the SharePoint server, it's all in the browser.

The product itself is developed in Typescript, which is then compiled into JavaScript. Similarly, styles are developed in LESS and compiled into CSS. Primary libraries in the product includes jQuery, Handlebars, React, and Require.Js. Its structure is a modular and extensible architecture that was leveraged into building LiveTiles Blueprint.

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