The Manage Palette modal

How to use

In order to use the Manage Palette option, you will need to be in the LiveTiles owners group. Once you are in this group, you will see a new button in the manage tab called Manage Palette. This will open up the Manage Palette window.

Here you will see the option to enable custom palettes. Once this is turned on, you will see a gray box which will show the custom color palette chosen displayed in circles, similar to the colour picker in the product, as well as another toggle option that allows you to choose the option of restricting the colors designers use to only those in the custom color palette. 

Selecting/editing a colour from the Manage Palette screen.

To add a colour to your palette, you will be able to click on the circle with a plus icon on it. This will open up the colour picker which will allow you to choose the colour or add in the hex/RGBA colour code into the text box. Once a colour has been selected, it will appear in the grey section as a color in the custom palette. In order to edit/delete a colour, all you need to do is select the colour then hit Delete. Once you're finished customizing your palette and settings, click OK. 

Owners and designers will now be able to see these chosen colours to the right of their colour picker in the tile settings, and if you have disabled custom colours for designers, they will only be able to choose from the given preset colours.

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