The LiveTiles Design offline manager.


  1. A site collection administrator account.
  2. The LiveTiles Design SharePoint zip file and a valid license.
  3. Custom scripting to be turned on.

Note: Some of the tiles by definition require external access in order to work (e.g. Twitter tile, Yammer tile, Facebook tile, Video tile, etc…).

How To Install

  1. Unzip the contents and upload “LiveTiles Offline” folder to a library in your site collection.  The folder contains Pages, Scripts and Content folders with the full product file content.
  2. Open:  /YourDocLibrary/UploadedFolder/Pages/Installer.aspx
  3. Run the Installer.

This will create the LiveTiles Design subsite, LiveTiles Owners and Designers groups, SharePoint groups, and all required lists in the subsite.
Then copy all the files across, and apply security.

Depending on your SharePoint setup, a couple of files can be larger than the standard 2MB file limit for an automated upload.

If this is the case, you simply upload the files manually into the LiveTiles Design subsite.

Main Installation Guides

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Supporting Guides

Approving the LiveTiles Design Manager App
Office 365 Groups or Team Sites
On-Premise App Catalog Setup
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