App catalogs enable distribution of SharePoint add-ins, such as LiveTiles Design, Build, and Blueprint. In Office 365 SharePoint, installing the app catalog is a relatively automatic action - described in another support article.

For on-premises, installing an app catalog is a bit more involved and has numerous requirements. For a complete description of the process, please consult this Microsoft TechNet article on setting it up.

Migration from O365 to on prem 

When migrating pages from O365 to your on prem environment, consider:

  1. Lists, libraries, images from your SharePoint online environment will have to be migrated to your on prem environment in order for them to populate in imported pages.
  2. SharePoint 2016, JSON files are blocked by default. For succesful imports, Customers in SP2016 environments will need to allow .JSON files 


  1. Constant updates / iterations are not available to clients without a secure internet connection
  2. No access to LiveTiles Intelligence, a great tool to increase adoption and productivity 
  3. Many of the great capabilites and features of Design tiles require internet connection
  4. Inability to access support team directly from LiveTiles page

Main Installation Guides

Prerequisites - LiveTiles SharePoint Installation
LiveTiles Design - LiveTiles SharePoint Installation
LiveTiles Build - LiveTiles SharePoint Installation
LiveTiles Blueprint - LiveTiles SharePoint Installation

Supporting Guides

Approving the LiveTiles Design Manager App
Office 365 Groups or Team Sites
On-Premises App Catalog Setup
Installing LiveTiles Design - Non-App Installation
Installing LiveTiles Design - Offline Installation

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