Q. Why can’t I save any pages? I am missing End User view, Page Settings, Upload Image or the Save button when in Design View.

a. Make sure the user account you are currently on has been added to the LiveTiles Owners or LiveTiles Designers Group. To manage these permissions, go to your landing page and click on the Manage drop down, then Groups. Under LiveTiles Owners/Designers tab, enter the user name and click the plus sign.

Q. How do I set a LiveTiles Design page as my SharePoint or Office 365 site’s homepage?

a. Navigate to the desired page you want to set as your homepage. Make sure this page has been added to the site that you wish to make it it's homepage. Using the SharePoint ribbon toolbar, click on the Page tab and select Make Homepage under the Page Actions section.

Q. How do I add a live website to my LiveTiles page?

a. Many types of web pages can be incorporated or linked into a LiveTiles Design page using the Embed or Embed Rectangle tile. Copy the URL of the web page you want to embed, then paste it into the Path text box under the Embed tab in the tile's settings. 

Note: Some websites, such as Google, are unable to be opened in an iFrame.

Q. Where can I go to create a responsive page?

a. To create a responsive page, go to the Landing page and click New Blank page. Choose Responsive canvas, select your page layout, and open the page is design view.

Q. How do I test LiveTiles outside of my production environment?

a. Create a new site collection on your tenant, then install LiveTiles.

Q. How do I copy a page from one site to another?

a. You can save your page as an export and upload it to another site.

Q. How do I add multiple lines of text to my page?

a. You can add multiple lines of text to your page using the Text tile.

Q. How do I save a page outside of the LiveTiles Design sub directory?

a. Click Save from the top of the Design Canvas and browse to your chosen site from within the dialog box.

You should see a list of libraries. We recommend you save your pages to the Site Pages library. To save to the top level (your main site), select the site pages option which is available near the top of the page.

Q. Why am I receiving the Alert: “There was a problem loading the page config: Not found”?

a. This error message occurs if a LiveTiles page is renamed in SharePoint. To resolve this issue, the LiveTiles page needs to be renamed using the LiveTiles dialogue box.

Q. Can I add custom code to my site?

a. Yes, you absolutely can. Use the Code Snippet app and contact your IT department to create the custom code needed.

Q. Can I convert my standard page into a responsive page? 

a. No, a standard page cannot be converted into a responsive page. If you would like to create a responsive page, choose a responsive canvas and start creating your mobile-friendly/multi device friendly page there.

Q. Why is my Yammer feed not loading?

a. Make sure Yammer.com is added as a trusted site in your browser to ensure the feed will load on your site. This is a common issue we’ve found with users using Internet Explorer.

Q. Why am I not able to edit or create pages?

A. You need to be a LiveTiles Owner in order to edit or create pages. Administrators can assign users full access by going into the LiveTiles Design landing page, clicking on Manage, then Manage Groups. There you can enter the names or email addresses of users you’d like to assign as LiveTiles Owners.

Q. Can Design V4 be loaded side-by-side with V3?

a. Yes, Design V4 can be loaded alongside your pre-existing sites in V3, since Design V4 is a SharePoint app, whereas V3 is a SharePoint solution.

Q. Where can I download LiveTiles Design V4? 

a. If you are a member of the 42nd Street Yammer Community for customers, you can download it directly under the Files tab of the V4 Group. You are also welcome to reach out to us directly, and we’ll gladly guide you through the process.

Q. How do I delete a Saved Tile from the Saved Tiles gallery?

a. Go to the LiveTiles Design Homepage, click on the Manage dropdown and then select  User Tiles. You will see a list of Saved Tiles. Highlight the tile you want to delete/export and select your choice.

Q. How do I change the main page background image?

a. Click on Page Settings. Under the Page Settings tab you will see the Background Image field, where you can search your library to source a desired image. Any main page setting you want to customize can done under Page Settings.

Q. What is the difference between the Twitter vs. Twitter Slider tile; Yammer Feed vs. Yammer Slide tile?

a. The slider tiles give you the option of maximizing your page real estate since the feed will slide out from the left or right side of the page, rather than being displayed on the page layout.

Q. Where can I find information on the latest product release notes?

a. We are continually improving the LiveTiles Design user experience by releasing new tile features, improvements and bug fixes in two week sprints. To keep up, stay in the loop by visiting our blog here.

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