The Picture Gallery tile links to a picture library in SharePoint. The tile displays the image library in a slideshow/carousel style layout. This layout is perfect for highlighting images from an event, new hires, alerts, etc.

Adding a Picture Library app 

Navigate to Site Settings cog-> Add an app -> enter and select Picture Library
Name your Picture Library and create, you will be redirected to Site Contents
Locate the created picture library and select

Adding Images to the Picture Library

 There are two ways to add images

  1. From the edit banner, select upload, choose Files/Folder and search and select from your File Directory (FD)
  2. Open your FD, drag and drop images from FD into the SharePoint library window

Linking Picture Library to Picture Gallery tile

  1. Open the Picture Gallery tile settings
  2. Click the magnifying glass in the List Path field
  3. Search through the Site Contents and Select the desired Picture Library-Cross check: Title, File Icon and Date to confirm correct library
  4. Click Done to review the image layout in the tile

Configure the Tile

  1. To configure the tile for optimal image display, open the Tile settings and review the General Settings 
  2. Adjust the height as needed
  3. Select the Image Layout Style that best fits the image size: Tile, Stretch, Fit, FIll, Center
  4. Choose how often the images rotate in the slider layout. Select with up/down arrows or enter number of seconds manually
  5. Select the number of images from the library to display in the slider: 5, 10, 20

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