NOTE: This tile is designed for workflows that do not require user input.

The Nintex workflow tile

How to Use

To use the Nintex Workflow tile, you will need to have a ready workflow that allows you to start it without requiring any additional information. Once you have this, you can then drag the Nintex Workflow tile onto the page, then go into the settings to configure it. You will be able to change the scope (which is the subsite the workflow is located in), as well as the workflow to use.



Width - Adjusts the width of the tile, in pixels.
- Adjusts the height of the tile, in pixels.
Background Color
- Changes the background color of the tile using the color picker.
Highlight On Mouse Over
- Toggle whether the tile changes color when it is hovered on.
Mouse Over Color
- Changes the background color when the tile is hovered on. Only available when Highlight on Mouse is checked.
- Chooses whether the icon for the tile is above the text or to the left of the text on the tile.


Title - Changes the title of the tile.
Override Page Font
- This allows you to override the font family that has been selected if this checkbox is checked.
Font Family
-  Changes the font family of the items text. Selectable via a dropdown list. (Note: This is only available if Override Page Font has been selected.)
Font Size
- Changes the size (in pixels) of the text within the Text field.
Font Color
- Changes the colour of the text within the Text field. Selectable via the colour picker.
Font Style
- Changes the style of the text within the Text field. Either Italic and/or Underlined.
Font Weight
- Changes the weight of the text within the Text field. Selectable via dropdown list.


Workflow Scope - Gets the site/subsite which the workflow can be found in.
- Selects the workflow that will be started when the tile is clicked.
- Denotes any additional information columns the user wants to pass through.
Value - Denotes the value which gets passed to.


Layer - Changes the depth of the tiles within the page. Selectable via dropdown either Foreground, Background or Custom.
Reorder Within Layer
- Changes the depth of the tiles within the layer. Selectable via dropdown either ‘No Change’, ‘Bring to Front’ or ‘Send to Back’.


Tile Visibility – Changes which groups can or cannot view the tile. Selectable via dropdown either Everyone, ‘Only for’ or ‘For everyone except’. When ‘Only for’ or ‘For everyone except’ is selected, a dropdown menu will appear where you can assign groups to the category that was selected.
Lock Tile for Non-owners
– Toggles whether only tile can be only modified by an owner.
Custom CSS Classes
: This section allows you to add multiple Custom CSS classes to the product, allowing you to be able to add custom CSS classes to the tile.

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