The morphing tile

How to Use

In order to use the Morphing Tiles, you will need to determine whether the content that you are linking to is able to be iframed. If the content is unable to be iframed, then the morphing tile will overlay a gray screen. In order to close a morphing tile, you will be able to click the close icon which will be located in the top right corner of the screen.



Background Color – Changes the background color of the tile using the color picker.
Highlight on Mouse over
– Toggle whether the tile changes color when it is hovered on.
Mouse Over Color
– Changes the background color when the tile is hovered on. Only available when Highlight on Mouse Over is checked.


Image Path – Sets the location of the image for the tile.
Image Layout Style
– Changes how the image is displayed: Tile, Stretch, Fit, Fill or Center.
Image Padding
- Adjusts the padding (the gap between the image and the edge of the tile): left, right, top or bottom of the tile, in pixels.
Edit Image - Opens up the Image cropper.


Path – Sets the location of the link.

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