How To Use

In order to use the News Ticker tile, you will need to connect it to an announcement list

Step one - Create Announcement List  

Naviagte to Settings cog and select: Add an App
Search and select: Announcements
Give your Announcement List a name and click OK
Build list based on Columns Necessary; MUST include Boolean or Yes/No column for Critical or Pinned items

Step Two - Connect to and Configure News Ticker Tile

Open up the settings of the News Ticker tile
Navigate to the List tab and using the link path, search and connect to the Announcement List that you created
Configure the News Ticker colors based on your page and to communicate urgency for Pinned or Critical list items
From the List tab, select and configure order of items and from the Show drop down menu, Select which items will be featured: All, Pinned, Critical, Pinned or Critical

Notes and Tips

Show items with unapproved changes - Allow you to show items which have not been approved; if used collaboratively, this is a great way to ensure open communication and authorization by the site admin.
Show -  Determines urgency or importance of list items. Useful for keeping track of "scheduled" items.

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