The RSS feed tile

How to use

In order to use this, you will need to open up the settings of the RSS feed tile. On the tile tab, you will have the option to change the RSS path under the RSS path textbox option. Here, you can enter in the URL of the RSS feed you would like to embed on the page.

If you need to check your RSS feed is valid, you will be able to here: 



Width – Adjusts the width of the tile, in pixels.
Height – Adjusts the height of the tile, in pixels.
Background Color – Changes the background color of the tile using the color picker.
Highlight on Mouse over – Toggle whether the tile changes color when it is hovered on.
Mouse Over Color – Changes the background color when the tile is hovered on. Only available when Highlight on Mouse Over is checked.
RSS Path – Sets where the RSS Feed are retrieved from.
Number To Display
– Sets the number of feed items to display.
Autoplay Speed (Seconds) - Sets how long till the tile cycles to the next item.


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