Access to a PowerBI Pro license and environment; without a PRO license, you will not be able to embed content into LiveTiles.
Admin permissions to share dashboards, reports with self and other users

How to Use

In order to use the PowerBI Tile, you will need access to a PowerBI Pro account. Once you place the tile onto the page, you will need to authenticate. This will include the authentication panel opening up on the page allowing you to sign into your account.
Once authenticated, on the PowerBI tab, you will be able to select which dashboard, list of tiles or tile you would like to have displayed in the LiveTiles PowerBI tile.

The Tile View

The Report View

The Dashboard View

Note: When signing into this tile for the first time, you may be prompted to allow for access for LiveTiles production. This will ask you for various permissions. Due to how the API for authentication works, in that the same API is used for Email, Meetings and Power BI, it will need to be approved. Once this has been approved, you will have granted access across all browsers.

Note: As of the 1/6/2017, due to changes to the PowerBI license by Microsoft, you will now need to have a PowerBI pro license in order to embed Dashboards and ReportsĀ 


Power BI

Data source
Allows you to choose between embedding a Dashboard and embedding a Report.


This shows you a list of dashboards, while one of these is selected you will display that dashboard, otherwise the tile will show you the list of the tiles in that dashboard.

Start on a Tile
Clicking this will display the list of tiles in the dashboard that you have selected. NOTE: Only appears when a dashboard is selected.
Allows you to select a tile to start on.
NOTE: Only appears when start on a tile is selected.

Hide Title Bar
Clicking this will hide the title bar.
NOTE: Only appears when a tile has been selected under reports.

Hide Filter Pane
Clicking this will hide the Filter pane.
NOTE: Only appears when a tile has been selected under reports.

Hide Navigation Pane
Clicking this will hide the Navigation pane.
NOTE: Only appears when a tile jas been selected under reports.

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