Screenshot of the default Site Search tile as it appears on a user's page.

A page designer can choose to add and configure a Site Search tile to pages, which will allow you search through pages, lists, documents, and spaces. The data returned depends on how the tile is configured.   For details about configuring a site search tile as a Designer, please look at the knowledgebase article.


To use the search, enter your text and click the search button or press enter.  You must enter at least one alphanumeric character to start the search.

  • At this time, search does not allow special characters.
  • The search will return partial matches, so searching for "to" will return "tomorrow" and "hitherto"

The search results widget will appear with "Searching..." and a loading icon to let you know it is searching for content as configured.

Screenshot of the Site Search tile in the "Searching..." state.

Search Results

Search results depend on the configuration of the Site Search tile,  but the search results that return inside the page follow a specific structure. 

  • A maximum of three results will show per category, and you may view more results by clicking See All within the category or View all x Results at the top.

Screenshot of search results, showing Spaces, Pages, and Documents.

View All

At the top, View all X results will appear. Clicking this link will open the full Search modal where more details about the results will be shown.


The search will return any spaces  with a partial match on the space's name. This will only return spaces you have access to.

Clicking the search result will navigate to the default page for the space.

The search will return any pages with a partial match on the page's name or in the text content of the page. This will only return pages you have access to.

Clicking the search result will navigate to the page.

The search will return any documents with a partial match on the document's name. At this time, it does not search through file content.  

The documents search can be configured to search

Clicking the search result will download the file if available.

The search will return lists with a partial match on the list's name or list item content. name.  

Clicking the search result will navigate to the page the list is used on.

  • Lists will only return if they are displayed on pages (or in sections used on pages).
  • If a list is displayed on multiple pages, the list will be returned for each page.

Full Search Results Modal

Clicking View all X results in the search results will open the detailed Full Search Results modal.

Screenshot of the full search results modal, with results for Spaces, Pages, and Documents.

Type Filter

The type of results can be filtered from the menu on the right, which will Show All for all results, plus any other available type. Click on the type to filter the main contents.

Screenshot of Documents filter, with one document result showing for Box.

Search Box

Another search can be run from the search box at the top of the modal. Enter your text and hit enter or click the search button to perform a new search.


Search results will display in the main area of the modal. When possible, the result will show a highlight of the found matches under the result title. Other categories shown are the Type, Location, and Permission on the result.

Clicking the search result will open the link as defined in the previous sections.

Want More?

LiveTiles Cloud is always evolving. If you would like the team to add more capability to the search (for example, searching over file content) please let us know through the Ideas Portal.

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