LiveTiles Mosaic, an app for K-12 students and schools, will be deprecated in June 2020. Beginning December 2019, existing Mosaic users will have free access to the enterprise Page Designer for SharePoint app. Below are the steps that you will need to take to install Page Designer for SharePoint  and to transfer your Mosaic pages and content to the new subsite. 

Getting the Page Designer App

The Page Designer app comes in two forms: The V4 app file, and the V5 app file. It is recommended to use the V5 app file, as it will contain up to date content.

The V4 app file is included below for users who may have a heavy amount of custom code. That way, you can take the necessary precautions for updating your custom code to fit into V5. In order to receive the Page Designer app, click on the following button:

V4 App File
Use if you have a lot of custom code in your pages.

V5 App File
Use if you don't have custom code in your pages.

Installing Page Designer

Regardless of the app file selected from above, the installation of the Page Designer V5 App file uses the same process as it did in Mosaic. In case a refresher is needed, the following article explains the LiveTiles Page Designer installation process:

When installing the new Page Designer app, it will create a LiveTiles Design subsite. The next section will describe the process of transferring content from Mosaic to Page Designer.

Transferring from Mosaic to Page Designer

When installing the new Page Designer app, it will create a LiveTiles Design subsite. Content will have to be transferred over manually from the LiveTiles Mosaic subsite to the LiveTiles Design subsite. This means content will need to be resaved into the LiveTiles Design subsite or exported from Mosaic and imported into Page Designer. 

Content that will need to be recreated in Page Designer will be saved tiles, integrations, group permissions, and color palettes. Content that can be imported from Mosaic includes saved sections and templates.

Outside of importing content, pages can be opened from Mosaic and saved directly to the Design subsite by changing the Location during the Save As functionality. When performing the Save As function, change the Location field from:

/sites/*Your Site Collection*/SitePages (or where you are currently storing your pages), 

To instead:
/sites/*Your Site Collection*/LiveTilesDesign/SitePages (or a relative list where you want pages stored).

This will change the location to save to the LiveTiles Design subsite instead of the LiveTiles Mosaic subsite.

Registration Keys

Your current registration keys will be usable in Page Designer, so new keys are not necessary. Your registration key can be found in the LiveTiles Mosaic subsite site contents, under SiteData. From there, look for the LicenseKey field, double click on it or right click and edit, and then copy your key from the slide out panel. When installing the Page Designer app, you'll be asked for a registration key, and this key can be used.

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