The Documents Tile can be used to store, view and share files stored in your site. 

  • The tile must be set to use LiveTiles Cloud as a Data Service
  • Any file in any of the LiveTiles Cloud Sources (Site, Personal, or Space) can be shared by the end user. 
  • Each user can generate one unique share link per document. Multiple users can share the same document.

For more information on how to configure the Documents Tile, please check this article

Sharing Documents

Documents can be shared from the tile in end user view. Hover over the document and click the ellipsis icon. From the context menu, click Share to open the Share file modal.

If you currently have a share on the document, the document will display a share icon to the right.

Share File Modal

The share file modal shows your current share settings and allows the user to edit the share settings if needed. If you are is a Site Administrator, you also have the ability to revoke all current share links.

Share: If external sharing is enabled, your unique share link will appear in the Share textbox. You may copy the link to the clipboard by clicking the Copy button next to the textbox.

  • Every user can generate one unique Share link per document. This share link is unique to you.

Link Settings
Additional settings for the share link are configurable from this section.

  • Share Link: This checkbox will enable or disable sharing on this document and generate a unique share link.  Disabling and re-enabling Share Link will generate a new unique link.
  • Link Expiration: This checkbox will enable or disable expiring the link after a specific period of time. If enabled, this will show an additional field with a calendar picker to allow you to pick the expiration date.
  • Expiration Date: If Link Expiration is enabled, you will have the ability to choose the link's expiration date.Clicking the text field will expand a calendar picker that will allow you to choose the day. By default, this is thirty days from the current day.  Links will expire at 11:59 PM on the selected day. 
  • Disable Download: If Disable Download is enabled, the Download Document link will be disabled in the share preview. Note that some file types such as PDFs have built in download capabilities, and this does not prevent a user from taking a screenshot of any preview that may appear. Your browser may attempt to download the file when opening the preview, depending on the file type.
  • Advanced Settings: If you are a site administrator and there are multiple shares on the document, you can disable all active share links from the Advanced Settings section, which will show how many active links are currently on the document. Click "Delete Active Links" to immediately remove all shares on the document. 

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