In addition to the Cloud Documents integrations, LiveTiles Page Designer for Azure also supports retrieving files from Box using a native implementation.

Which Do I Use?

Cloud Documents

The Cloud Documents integration authenticates to the Box service using the account credentials provided during set up. Use if:

  • Your organization does not have a Box Enterprise account.
  • You are using the LiveTiles Page Designer for Azure Teams (B2C) platform.
  • You want to set up an account immediately and do not wish to or cannot coordinate with the administrator on your Box Enterprise account.
  • You want to set up access using specific authentication credentials (e.g., you have an account and you want to share folders and items within that account).

Native Box

The native Box integration uses a Box Custom Application, creating a pool of user-agnostic connections that can be assigned access to specific folders by a Box administrator.

Use if:

  • Your organization has a Box Enterprise account.
  • You are using the LiveTiles Page Designer for Azure Enterprise (AD) platform.
  • You do not want to link the data available in the platform to specific user accounts.
  • You want to take advantage of more Box-specific navigation features which will be forthcoming in the platform (e.g., metadata templates or document preview).
  • You want to take advantage of this data source for additional tiles, as will be forthcoming in the platform (e.g., a Picture Gallery or Image tile that connects to Box to load an image).

How Do I Set This Up?

You must have Admin access to your tenant to set up or change your native Box integration settings.

  1. Navigate to Manage Account by either:
  • Accessing the Manage dropdown from New Page.

  • Opening the User Profile menu from the canvas or end user page, expanding Manage Site, and selecting Account.

Once you are in the Manage Account full-screen dialog, scroll to Box Integration. You will see the following information you will need to provide to the administrator of your organization’s Box account:

  • Client ID
  • A group name for your specific site, starting with “LiveTiles Enterprise App User Group”

Your Box administrator will:

  • Authorize the LiveTiles Enterprise application with the given client ID to have access to your organization’s Box account. 
  • Provide you and your team two values:
  1.  The Enterprise Id to enter on the Manage Account screen.
  2. The appropriate App User Count to enter on the Manage Account screen. (By default, Enterprise Box accounts are limited to 25 App Users, but your organization may be different).  Performance will be improved with a higher number—if not enough connections are available to your site, Box data may not load consistently.
  • Once you've completed setting up the connection, your administrator or someone with enhanced privileges will have to grant the group access to the appropriate folders.

For help, check out the Box Authorization Instructions.

Once you have the Enterprise Id and App User Count, you may enter those values into Manage Account and click Save. This may take a while to set up depending on your settings, but you will eventually see a status message appear under the Save button.

Once your connection has been successfully set up, you can then use the Box data source on the Documents tile.

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