V5 is here! We are releasing V5 in two parts. The first part will allow Deisgners to use Custom Modern webparts on your LiveTiles pages with the Add Webpart Tile.  
This update will move Designers from using RequireJS to Webpack. Designers will need to review occurrences of JS in custom code across pages in site collections that have Page Designer installed in them. But you dont have to do this alone!
Our installation process checks across pages, templates, saved sections, and saved tiles in your pages within a selected site collection for JS and will determine the Risk Level of any coding that may not convert well or fully to V5.

Step One- Lets Begin!

Click on the V5 announcment box on your LiveTiles page

After you've watched the intro video, Review the Custom Code Message and click Scan

Step two- Scanning, sit back while your site collection content is scanned 

Step three - Review scanned results for Risk Factors and communciate with other Owners/Designers

Step four - Watch the video preparing you for the changes coming along with this first part of V5 installation

Step 5 - confirm the site collection you wish to upgrade to V5 Part 1

This field is case sensitive. You'll need to type the exact name of your site collection to continue with the update. 

Step 6 - Update!

Now every new page will have V5 design ability and pages created in past versions will update once they are re-saved :).  You will notice immediately a change in the look of the Designer banner.

New look, new capabilities, same freedom to create your own experience.
Happy designing!

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