Page Creation and Editing Capabilities  

The Edit Page icon displays three options for page activity:

  1. New Page
  2. Edit "Current page"
  3. Delete "Current Page" 


  1. The option to Edit "Current page" will not be available if page has not yet been saved, i.e. new space or a template
  2. The option to Delete "Current page" will not be available from the Spaces Default (Home) page

This article focuses on deleting pages and setting a new Home page. 

Deleting a Page

Navigate to the Action menu, select Delete "Current Page"
Modal window confirming action to delete page will appear
Select OK

Best Practices

There is no way to recover pages once they have been deleted, to ensure you have a copy, while in Design view, save the page as a template or export. Templates can be found in the Landing Page and the export can be re-imported from the Landing Page.

Replacing/Setting new Default page

Publishing pages

In order to set a new default page, the selected page will need to be created saved AND published. 

Once published, it will appear in the Manage Space drop down menu of available pages. 

Best Practices and Notes

  1. Give pages distinct titles. It keeps spaces consistent and easy to navigate and edit
  2. A default page cannot be deleted until it has been replaced by another page 

Setting New Home Page

Moving pages to Home Space

If your selected new homepage is not in the Home space, you can drag the page from current space to Home space.

Best Practices

This drag and drop action to Home Spaces is only available from the current Default Page. Moving the order of other pages in their spaces can be done from any page.

Manage Site

  1. Once the page is in the right Space, navigate to the Manage menu (user profile) to the far right
  2. Select Manage Site, from the dropdown menu, select Space 

Manage Space

From the Default Page drop down, select the new default page
Click Apply


By design, the Home space cannot be set to Private; the Security Policy for the default page will always be Public

Hit refresh and you will have a new Default page 



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