This ability allows a user to query a pre-configured Azure Search Index, through a bot.

Technical detail

The ability requires an existing Azure Search Index that it can be connected to. An example of the fields expected in an index can be seen below:


  • API Key: This is the API key used to authenticate to the Azure Search service. Available from your service details in Azure.
  • Azure Search Index: The name of the index that is to be interrogated.
  • Azure Search Service URL: The URL of the search service in Azure.
  • Targets: Specify a list of identifiers that the end-user will use to initiate this ability. This will form part of the NLP (Natural Language Processing) model in LUIS.
  • Actions: This ability only has one action, i.e. searching the index. Some Keywords can be defined which will work in conjunction with the Targets specified earlier.

Once all the settings have been completed, you can save your ability, and train it.

Using the Azure Search ability

Do a search

Searches can be triggered by specifying the target and keyword combinations specified. Using the default values, an example is:

  • Search
  • Find *
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