From the Landing Page you can manage your external integrations to: O365, box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. This will later be linked to your LiveTiles pages using the Cloud Documents tile. The following will guide you through adding, authenticating and linking the external apps.

Add an App 

Select the app

Note: any existing integration will appear in the list below the Add Integration action button

Add a Description and Select Groups

In the event that there will be multiple integrations to one app, adding a description will keep content easily accessible and accountable. 

Access Governance
Integrations may be need to be limited to certain users for varying reasons. Based on setup SharePoint groups, access to these integrations and the ability to edit integrations can be  assigned in this step of integration setup. These permissions can be changed later if needed.

Signing into the App

After the Description and Groups have been assigned, you will be prompted to sign into the app you wish to integrate.
Once sign in is completed, a modal window will open, confirming linking of app was successful. 

How to Video

For a walkthrough of this process, click on the video below, and visit our YouTube channel for other Onboarding and How To videos!

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