LiveTiles Bots supports Microsoft Teams. You can deploy your bot as an extension to the platform, allowing users to interact with their bots in the same environment they communicate with their co-workers.

How to Integrate Your Bot 

Step 1: Log into the LiveTiles Bot Designer and go to the bot you wish to connect to Microsoft Teams

(Please note that Microsoft Teams can only support bots with names fewer than 30 characters.)

Step 2: Click the Share button, and Publish the bot if it isn't already. This automatically connects the Webchat channel.
Step 3: Expand the Microsoft Teams channel heading.

Step 4: Enter a name for the integration. This could be the name of your your organization or team, or any other designation that makes sense in your context.
Step 5: Enter the URL for your website, or wherever you wish users to go for further information about your organization. This is a required field.
Step 6: Enter the URL to your organization's privacy policy. This is a required field.
Step 7: Enter the URL to your organization's terms-of-use policy. This is a required field.
Step 8: Click the Connect to Teams button. (The URL input fields will flash red and no action will be taken if your URLs are not valid.)
Step 9: The input fields will be disabled and a new Generate & Download Manifest button will appear. 

Step 10: Click the Generate & Download Manifest button.
Step 11: A manifest file will be created and downloaded. Choose to save the file to your computer if prompted by your browser. 

Step 12: Launch Microsoft Teams.
Step 13: Click on the three dots ... menu and then click on More apps.

Step 14: Click on Upload a custom app.
Step 15: Select your newly-downloaded file. 

Step 16: Click on the Install button.
Step 17: Click on the Open button.

Your bot is now ready to use in Microsoft Teams!

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