The Design Gallery is a great in product resource for creating templates, master templates, Training and Development, Design starting points and Best Practices materials and source of inspiration.
Built by some of our Developers and top Designers, these templates feature Best Practices and most popular page layout styles and content distribution.

How to Access

Step one- Navigate to the Landing Page
Step two- Select Design Gallery from the Left column menu

Menu Settings

When you select a template from the Design Gallery, a slider will appear on the right. 

This slider will open to template information as follows 

Open a Design Gallery template

You can open the selected template from the New Page button on the Slide menu detailed above or directly from hovering the selected template and clickling on New Page   


Reconfigure and repopulate template with user content

Once the template is open, you will see all default sample content in the page settings, rows and tiles. To begin rebranding and building the template to satisfaction, begin with removing any content you do not wish to reuse.

Example, if you do not want to resue the page background image, navigate to Page Settings at the top right and erase the link in the Background Image path; and if desired, replace it with an image from your Site Contents by clicking on the magnifying glass. 

The gif below will demonstrate how to link a list from SharePoint Site Contents into a News Tile

Note: when using a list with an Image, it is crucial to assign the correct Image Source based on list setup in SharePoint: List Field OR Attachment

For more information about list building in SharePoint and linking lists to Design tiles, see the Related Links section below. 

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