Save As Capabilities 

The Save As Tab displays three options to save your current experience as either a Page, Template, and/or Export.  

Note: A new canvas will only display Save As in the design banner, the Save option appears after the page has been saved under a title and in a specified location.
save edits to an existing page.
Save as-
edits made to an existing page/template/import, will be saved as a new page/template/export

Save As Page  

Saves as a standard .aspx page. Users will be directed to save this page to the Site Pages folder.

Step one 

After selecting Save As Page, you will be prompted with a Save New Page modal window.

Step two 

Set the Page Title, File Name and the Location of the page. There is the option to save it to other folders by clicking the magnifying glass, and opening the asset picker

Best Practice Tip: To avoid broken links, save the File Name with no spaces.


File Name - Sets the name of the file.
- Designates the location/folder within the SharePoint site collection where the page will be saved

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