You've created and saved your templates, now you want to access and manage them. Where do you go? First step, navigate to the Design Landing page.

The Landing page-Templates

The opening default view from the Landing page are all saved templates.

From this section, you can view details and open up saved templates in Design View

Manage Templates

In this section, you can select templates to delete or export into .tgz files to import into other site collections.
For more information about import/export function in LiveTiles see our Smartshare Import/Export article. 

Step one

Click the Manage dropdown menu and select Templates

Step two

Select template of choice, and click Delete/Export Template.
For details of the Publisher/Version information, see the publisher and Version sections of the Smartshare Import/Export article referenced above. 

Who can Access Templates

Users in the LiveTiles Owners and Designers groups can create, edit, export, import and delete templates

Best Practice-Filter Templates

If you have numerous templates, use the Filter bar to find templates quickly 

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