Save As Capabilities 

The Save As Tab displays three options to save your current experience as either a Page, Template, and/or Export.  

Save As Template

Save the page as a template for quick and convenient storage and reuse of content.  
The below example uses a prebuilt page from the Design Gallery.

Step one

Navigate to Design banner and click Save As, select Save As Template

Step two

Title your Template for easier search in the Templates and Manage Templates sections of your Design Landing page, add a description and select to whether or not to display a template screenshot.

Best Practice Tip: select the screenshot and add a description, especially if reusing templates, for optimal identification support. 

Step three

Click Save and you will be prompted with a successful save message

Who can Access Templates

Users in the LiveTiles Owners and Designers groups can create, edit, export, import and delete templates

Want to Access your Saved Templates? 

Manage your Templates 

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