LiveTiles Bots supports connecting published bots with Facebook Messenger, to give users the flexibility to use a chat platform they're already familiar with to achieve their desired results.

Achieving this requires setting up a simple Facebook Messenger app to make the connection. There are a lot of steps to follow on the Facebook-side of this, so hold on to your hat:

  • Navigate to
  • Sign in with a valid Facebook account.
  • Navigate to My Apps -> Add New App.
  • Choose a display name for your app, and input a contact email address. Click Create App ID.
  • Pass reCAPTCHA (as long as you're not a robot) and click Submit.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Basic.
  • Copy and take note of your App ID and App Secret.
  • Navigate to Settings -> Advanced.
  • Toggle Allow API Access to App Settings to Yes.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Click Products symbol.
  • Click the Set Up button under Messenger.
  • Click the tiny "Create a new page" link in the Token Generation panel .

(A new tab will be opened to manage the Create a Page flow)

  • Click the Get Started button in the "Business or brand" panel.
  • Give the page a name, and select "Just for fun" from the Category panel (allowing you to skip a handful of form fields). Click Continue.
  • Skip profile and cover picture selection. (Your new page will then be displayed)
  • In your browser's URL field, select, copy, and note down the page ID (a string of numbers following the last hypen in the URL after your page name, and before the final forward-slash.
  • Return to your Facebook App Developers tab and refresh the page.
  • Click the Page dropdown menu on the Token Generation panel and select your newly-created page.
  • Accept requests for permissions.
  • Copy and note down the newly-generated Page Access Token.
  • Click the Setup Webhooks button on the Webhooks panel.
  • In a new browser tab, navigate to the bot you wish to connect to the Facebook Messenger channel in the Bot Designer.
  • Click on the Share button and click Publish.
  • Expand the Facebook panel under Channels.
  • Paste your noted-down App ID, App Secret, Page ID, and Page Access Token into the relevant fields and click Connect to Facebook
  • Copy and note-down the now-generated Callback URL and Verify Token.
  • Return to your Facebook Developers tab, which should still have the New Page Subscription dialog displayed.
  • Paste your Callback URL and Verify Token into the associated fields on the New Page Subscription dialog. Click Verify and Save.
    (The New Page Subscription dialog should now include a page selector)
  • Select your newly created app page from the Webhooks subscription dropdown menu.
  • In a new tab, navigate to
  • Search for the display name of the Facebook page created earlier.
  • Start chatting with your bot!
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