When designing or redesigning pages, it is possible to lose track of what content has been interacted with. You can of course use the search bar in your header or elsewhere in your page to navigate through the site contents. OR you can review the content you most recently managed with the drag and drop of a Recent Files tile.

A Recent Files tile pulls file content from Microsoft Graph and supports file content from sources such as Delve or OneDrive. There are some configurations available to help create the best experience for your platform.


The tile will open on its default view as seen above. 


Height plays an important role is content display and page "real estate". Height and Number to Display go hand in hand. Dependent on the number of items chosen for display, your tile's height may need to adjust to allow for desired view. Examples could include the need to adjust for the amount of least scrolling if using maximum item display. Or to feature the minimum number of items without remaining blank empty tile space. 

Advanced Styles

For tiles that will have content displayed at all times (or some of the time if tile content is collapsible) Advanced Styles can give a personalized touch and call attention to users.
Best Practice Tip: its important for a page to be fluid and cohesive. If one tile is styled, it may be best for page harmony to have all action tiles styled the same.

Header Background Color 

Best Practice Tip: adjust headers to match your page branding colors :).
If you prefer no header, you can also change the color to Transparent (taking color cursor all the way left)

Number to Display 

Select from 5, 10, 20 items of content to display in the tile. There is no one right amount of item display, especially if Collapsible Tile is selected.
Anticipate a lot of uploads or management of content? You have the option to display up to 20 on a tile screen that will minimize/maximize with a click.
Or if you are infrequent to add documents to existing Lists/libraries, setting to 5 item display would offer the most relevant user view. 

Collapsible Tile

A fantastic feature of the Recent Files tile is the ability to collapse. While it is incredibly convenient to have quick view/read access of your last content interaction, it may not always be necessary to have the entire tile content on display at all times.  

Choose from 3 Default Tile States

Collapsed at Breakpoint: view is dependent on screen size. Ex. Collapse Breakpoint is set at Small (<992px)-> any screen size larger than a phone will display the expanded content-> on a mobile device, the tile will collapse to save space
Open: the tile will display all selected content upon page landing
Collapsed: The tile will only display the header upon page landing


The default tile does not have to be Recent Files, it could serve as a reminder list of what content needs to be set on certain tiles/pages/list libraries.
 the most recent files pulls from ALL ACTIVITY across all sites from the user.

Personalize the Text family font. The item font could be different than the site page/header font to help give the content more presence and indicate to the user that this content may be important to review.

For more detail about Text Styles and other tile settings, see our Related Articles at the end of the article.

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