One of the first steps to setting up your LiveTiles platform is assigning Owner and Designer permissions to the site page. This will determine who has design and edit access to the site page. To prepare you LiveTiles groups, there will first need to be SharePoint permissions setup via the Site Settings.

Note: LiveTiles Page Designer will inherit default permission levels set in SharePoint. Meaning LiveTiles pages will follow permissions set at the root site, parent site and subsites levels. In order to assign users to certain permissions, the site admin will have to break site inheritance and customize permissions in Permission settings.

Manage in SharePoint

SharePoint allows the ability for users to have equal access to the site's contents. The reality is, majority of users would only need and have Read Only access. Some users will need to be given Contribute and/or Design access in SharePoint; while admins should have Full Control permission levels.
Assign SharePoint users/groups permissions as needed in your workforce. Once the permission levels are set up, you can now head to the Designer Landing Page and assign LiveTiles Owners and Designers to their respective groups.  

For more information about SharePoint Permissions, follow this link:

Access Manage Groups in Designer Landing Page

  1. Navigate to the Design Landing page. 
  2. Click top left Manage drop down menu. 
  3. Select Groups.

A modal window will pop up with options to add Owners and Designers.

Owners versus Designers

Owners can assign permissions for the Designers. Owners have site-wide design access where a Designer may be limited to a specific page.

Note: In instances where Designers are limited to specific pages, stop inheriting the page level permissions and manually update the LiveTiles Designers group on page level

Adding Users

To add a user to a group: 

  1. Enter the name/email. 
  2. Select from the options.
  3. Click the + icon. 

After you've clicked the + icon, a modal window will pop up to ask if you wish to notify the user by email. Notification is selected by default as it is highly recommended. Untick the selection box if you don't wish the user to be notified.

Removing Users 

Once added to the group, the user will have an X to the far right of their user name. Click this to remove them from the group. 

Keep content consistent and collaboration a breeze with specified site Owners and Designers  

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