While not all content is created or stored in SharePoint, you can easily connect shared or personal business content from third party sources right into your LiveTiles pages. The following guide takes you through the steps to successfully integrate content for the organziation or specified groups in SharePoint.
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Shared Integrations

Current supported integrations: O365, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive

Locate the Integrations

From the Design Landing Page, click the Manage dropdown menu, and select Integrations.

Add Integrations

After the Modal window with the integration options open, select which integration you wish to add. 


Step one
Grant Consent to give LiveTiles access to your O365 resources.

Step two
Select which outlook account you wish to add and Accept requested Permissions.

Box/Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive

Step one
Select which source you would like to add and click Add Integration 

Step two
Enter a description for the source and set permissions.
Select, if necessary, which created SharePoint groups can access or will be restricted from the Integrated source
Note: You will be able to rename/edit the description and groups after set up is complete.

Step three
Sign into the app.

Step four
Repeat as necessary for other integrations.

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