The Embed Rectangle tile has all the same capabilities of the Rectangle Tile, with the added feature of embedding external sources. For a guide to building and customizing the tile, review our Rectangle Tile article. This article will be an overview of the Link/Embed/Tile Behavior settings of the Embed Rectangle tile. 


Custom style your link display in either Modal window or Slider. After the link Target display has been selected, set the Height and Width as desired.
For full style options information and best practices, review our Modal Windows and Sliders article.

Note: To use a modal window or a slider, for an embedded site, you will need to include https:// in front of the site link. You will also need to make sure that the site link can be put in an iframe.
As modal windows and sliders both use iframes, if a page does not have this option, it will not work.  


Step one

There will be certain external links that will need to have a unique embedded link to display in LiveTiles. 

Step two

Once you have this link, you can paste it into the embed tile. This in turn will embed the tile onto the page. 

Step three

You can then put in any query parameter or iframe element into the tile. Parameters or elements include enabling autoplay, playlists, Height/Width etc.
These will need to be retrieved from the embed source.

Best Practice Tip: Set Height and Width at 100% so that it may adjust to the tile size.

Tile Behavior

Set which devices the embedded content can appear on. If on mobile or smaller device, and the content is video, it may not be necessary to have the tile display in the page. Consider what content would be most relevant and useful to the user on the go.

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