Note: You cannot delete a page from within the LiveTiles Designer. You must go to the file location within your SharePoint file directory.

Note: Only Designers/Owners may delete page.

Find the file location 

How to locate the file from SharePoint Site Contents:

Step one
From the home page/or subsite page, navigate to the page settings, click Site Contents.

Step two
From the left side column, or scroll down, click Pages.

Note: It is possible to locate the page by URL
Open your Saved page in a web browser
the URL from the address bar  
Paste the URL into the address bar of a new tab or window without the filename at the end e.g.  

Step three
Search for and select the page.

Delete a Page

To delete a single or multiple pages, select the pages to be deleted, navigate to the action banner and click Delete.

  OR select the pages, click on the ellipsis, and select Delete.

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