Create a document library in SharePoint 

Step one 

Navigate to SharePoint Site Contents. Select + New > Document library. Give it a title and description and click Save

Step two 

Select, create and save document type(s): + New > select document type.

Step three 

Head to your LiveTiles page in Design View.
Best Practice Tip
: Open Design View in a separate tab for easy editing, viewing and navigation.

Connecting a document library to the Document tile 

Step one 

After you drag and drop the document tile onto the page, click the cog to open the tile’s settings, and navigate to the Document tab.

Step two 

In the Document Library Path field, click the magnifying glass and select the library from your site contents 

Note: If you do not see your SharePoint Library, then you may have accidentally created it in a subsite or another site collection. Open a new tab and use SharePoint search to locate your library.

After a library is selected, additional documents can be uploaded by clicking the + next to the Search bar.

Step three 

Modify and configure additional settings in the Document tab, including how many items to display in the tile and display order.

Note: If you want to display only certain List Views, return to the SharePoint List and create those views. See Create, change, or delete a view of a list or library. 

Step four 

Modify and configure the General, Text, Links, Tile Behavior and Advanced tabs as desired.

For full detailed style setting options, review our Document tile settings article in the Tile Settings collection: Document tile Settings 



Advanced Styles  

Select styling options via dropdown menu: Border Width, Corners; Select tile display: Drop Shadow, Remove Bottom Margin.

Hide Upload Icon  

Hide the upload icon when selected.
Best Practice Tip:
You can hide the upload document icon to avoid unapproved edits and additions to libraries.


Title Background Color
Set the background color of the tile's title. 

Note: This is only available if Stripe is selected under Title Style.   

Font Family  
Set the font family of the items text. Selectable via a dropdown list.
This is only available if Override Page Font has been selected.


Clickable Title
Open the document library by clicking the title.

List Page Type  
Set to use the LiveTiles Documents List page instead of the generic SharePoint Page.  
This option is only available if Clickable Title has been selected.

Title Link Target  

Set where the title links open: Modal Dialog, New Window, In Place, Slide.
Only available if Clickable Title has been selected.

Slide Position  

Set where the slide opens from: Left or right. Only visible if Slide is selected.
Note: Only available if Clickable Title has been selected.

List Item Target  

Set where each document links open: Modal Dialog, New Window, In Place, Slide.


Tile Visibility
Select which groups can/cannot view the tile content.  
Group categories
selectable via dropdown: "Everyone", "Only for", "For everyone except". When Only for or For everyone except is selected, groups from the selected category will appear from the dropdown menu.

Step five 

Click Done and Save the page. 

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