Use the List tile to customize the design of a SharePoint List on your LiveTiles page. Enable your content owners to create and edit list items from the published page -- without having to go into SharePoint!

Create a List in SharePoint: 

Step One
Navigate to SharePoint Site Contents. Select + New > List. Give it a name and description, and click Save.

Note: You can add a pre-built list via + New > App > Search for. For example, enter "announcements" to find the pre-built Announcements List. 

Step Two
After you create your list, click + Add column to create columns as needed.

Note: To create reusable column types and formats, go to Site Settings > Web Designer Galleries > Site Columns, and Create a New Site Column. Once created, this column can be added to any SP List in your site.

Supported Columns 

The following are the supported columns for the List tile:

• Single Line
• Multiple Line
• Number
• Yes/No
• Person/Group
• Date
• Choice
• Hyperlink
• Picture 

Note: While all fields can be viewed via the List tile, not all can be edited via the List tile.  

Step Three
Click All Items > Edit current view to choose or modify additional columns as needed.

Step Four

With your columns now organized, click + New to add a new list item.  A modal window will appear on the right side of your screen.

Step Five: Go to your LiveTiles Page, and continue to the next section. 

Connect your SharePoint List to the List Tile: 

Step One
Drop the List tile onto your page. Select the tile and click the Config icon to access List Tile Settings. Navigate to the List tab.

Step Two

In the List Path field, click the magnifying glass to go to your Site Contents.

Step Three
From the items in your Site Contents, click the SharePoint List that you want to display via the List tile.  Click the Select button.

Note: If you do not see your SharePoint List, then you may have inadvertently created it in a subsite or another site collection. Open a new tab, and use SharePoint search to locate your list.

Step Four
Modify additional settings on the List tab, including Display View, and whether your users should be able to Create or Edit list items from the published List Tile.

Note: If you want to display only certain List Views, return to the SharePoint List and create those views. See Create, change, or delete a view of a list or library.

Step Five
Click the General tab. Modify the tile's Height and Advanced Styles.

Step Six
Adjust the Font options for Title and Body.

Step Seven
Click Done and Save your Page. 

Step Eight
Go for a pleasant stroll along the beach. Let the waves crash gently over your feet. Or at least imagine doing that. You've earned it!

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