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Getting Started (Overview)

What can LiveTiles Bots do? LiveTiles Bots provides the ability to deliver on the vision of the next generation digital workforce, the Intelligent Workplace. A key part of this vision is the use of conversational user interfaces (CUI) to provide easy-to-use, familiar, digital versions of core organizational processes that are currently manual or based on legacy user interfaces.

Why Bots? The goal is not to replace all functionality provided by the systems being integrated with, but merely act as a shortcut to quickly achieve a generic or mundane task. The aim is to assist users in completing the mundane and generic tasks they encounter on a daily basis as quick as possible, thus providing them with more time to focus on what is really important.

What's the Goal? Using the LiveTiles approach, the goal is to empower anyone in the business to be able to build their own experiences, or in this case, their own bots. No technical 'know how' is required and a lot of the complexity of CUIs is completely abstracted from the 'designer' allowing truly anyone to design and build a bot from scratch and start using it within minutes. No need to get services provisioned from IT, it really is that easy!

Here are some capabilities:

  • Multiple Bots Create as many custom bots as you need to support your business - LiveTiles Bots can build them all.
  • Custom Integrations Custom abilities can be added using an intuitive visual editor, allowing you to natively integrate your bot with custom APIs or legacy systems.
  • Multiple Platforms Publish a bot with custom colors and branding through the LiveTiles Webchat, or share your bot with colleagues through Microsoft Teams or Facebook Messenger.

You will need: All that are listed below will be discussed in further detail in their respective sections. 

LiveTiles Bot Terminologies

To use LiveTiles Bots, users must understand some of the terminologies. Refer to the article that discusses LiveTiles Bot Terminologies in full detail.

Customize Your Own Bot

Generate a scheme for your bot: This should include: 

  • An overall goal and personality/feel of your bot. This should give an outline of your target audience and how you aim to communicate with them to  reach the goals of your bot.
  • A color-scheme that will stand out against a white and grey background.
  • A large logo for the Webchat splash screen.
  • A small logo for the Bot Designer interface.
  • For more information on your Bot Settings, consider this article. 

Customize the look and feel of your bot: Diagram below:

Go to the Settings tab the Bot Designer. This is where you can customize:

  • Name. This is displayed in the Bot Designer, under each response in the Webchat, and by default, in the onboarding. 
  • Description. This will be included in the default Welcome Message.  
  • Welcome Message. By default, the Welcome Message is a simple greeting. Putting text into the Welcome Message field will overwrite the default message. This field supports Markdown formatting (rich text formatting), and Adaptive Cards (rich content cards). Untick the selection to remove this feature entirely. 
  • Bot Access Level. Defines whether a bot can only be accessed by you, others within the same organization (e.g. anyone with a LiveTiles O365 account), or available to the public with an anonymous login. 
  • Color scheme. The color of your Buttons and shown on the splash screen of the Webchat. This should contrast well against the grey and white of the Webchat’s background and complement your logo. By default, this is LiveTeal. 
  • Avatar. Right now, this will only appear in the Bot Designer, and not the Webchat. By default, this is a “webchat” icon. 
  • Logo. This is displayed on the splash screen of the Webchat. It should work well with your colour scheme. By default, this is the vertical white LiveTiles logo

Abilities: When thinking about the 'things' a bot can do, we talk about abilities. A bot can have one or multiple abilities, depending on what it is to be used for. Abilities may have what we refer to as targets. These are names or words that refer to a particular 'thing' when triggering an ability. For more information on these key words, consider the article that describes LiveTiles Bot Terminologies in fuller detail. 

Getting Set Up

Goal: In simplest terms, the goal is to create your LiveTiles Bot, and then assign it an ability. Your LiveTiles Bots will perform these abilities based on target words. They retrieve information from multiple sources. 

Important Note: Each Ability requires you to perform exclusive setup procedures. For instance, the QnA Ability requires a KB. Storing the KB within your LiveTiles Bot's Knowledge requires additional steps. For reasons as such, there is an article for each individual ability.

Create your LiveTiles Bot: Login into our LiveTiles Bots Designer site. In this case, you will need a LiveTiles email/account or administrative permission to access the content. Refer back to the "You will need" section above. After logging in, click "New Bot"

Add an Ability: A bot is essentially a blank template that is capable of performing certain abilities. 

After you click this button, a side menu will appear with a list of all of the abilities you can add to your newly created Bot. 

Ability to Start With: The very nature of LiveTiles Bots is to answer questions or to address concerns. This could simply be seen as a Question and Answer system. It would make the most sense to start with adding the QnA ability to your bot. The QnA ability is one of the many abilities LiveTiles Bots can perform. The QnA Ability article addresses how to set everything up. 

We offer an article for each ability. Each article describes its respective ability in full detail and offers a step-by-step guide on how to successfully set up and assign an ability to a bot. 


If you still have questions, refer to our resource page on our main site that addresses some of the frequently asked questions.

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