What are Saved Sections?

Saved Sections are prebuilt rows/areas of tiles that have been pre-configured and designed to quickly reuse and manage content and edits across pages 

Example: A page has a header; This header could be a Saved Section. In most cases, pages would display the same header. Say this header has a tile for company news, this tile would need to be updated constantly. Rather than going page by page to make changes, Saved Sections delivers dynamic updates throughout your site

Create a Saved Section

Step one
Navigate to the Manage dropdown menu in Page Designer home> select Sections

Step two
Click the + at the top left of the modal window. Title your section and select to build it in either a: Fixed Width or Responsive canvas

Fixed width: Canvas is “blank”, the designer has free design over the canvas. There are no Rows or Nested Rows, or options for section design in other devices.
Responsive: Structured design canvas, ability to adjust to different screen/device sizes. Canvas consists of one row that the designer may add nested rows and tiles to.

Step three

After you click create section, you will taken to your canvas of choice and you can begin to Design your Saved Section. Once you are done click Save 

Access and Manage Saved Sections

Saved Sections cannot be edited or deleted from your LiveTiles page. You must go to Manage Sections in Page Designer home to make any changes or to delete a section
Once you have navigated to the saved Sections, select one and a slide-out will appear with two options: Delete Section, Edit Section

Best Practice Tip: remember that any changes made to a section will affect all pages that contain it, be sure to clearly label and review sections before making edits 

Add Saved Sections to a LiveTiles page

After you have created and saved a section, a Saved Sections tab will appear at the top of your design canvas in your LT page

Drag and drop the desired section onto your canvas :)  

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