Keyboard Shortcuts Overview

Summary: LiveTiles Design has a set of keyboard shortcuts that are designed to make features of the product easier to use and quicker to design. 

How to access the Hotkey List: To access a list of the shortcuts, on the design canvas press ctrl + ?. Some Hotkeys are only made available when on a specific canvas type. For the most part, all of the shortcuts are available on all canvas types but there are a few that are exclusive to a certain type. If they are exclusive, it will be noted below.

Keyboard Shortcuts List

Delete Selected Tile: Delete
Deselect Tile
: Esc
Display Menu Shortcuts
: Ctrl-?
Duplicate Selected Tile
: Ctrl-C, Ctrl-D
Move Selected Tile
: Arrow Keys
Open Quick View
: Shift-Enter
Redo Change
: Ctrl-Y
Save Page
: Ctrl-S
Save Template
: Ctrl-Shift-S
Search for a Tile
: Ctrl-F
Toggle Snap-To-Grid (fixed-width canvas only)
: Ctrl-Shift-G
Undo Change
: Ctrl-Z

Frequently Asked Questions / Concerns

Q: I am in Design View and many tiles are all off by 1 or 2 pixels. How do I top align all of the tiles on my page?
A: If you selected a Fixed-width Canvas, you should notice the grid in the background. You can press the arrow keys on your keyboard to move up and down. You can also go to Page Settings and choose to configure the padding and fixed-width page settings.

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