SalesBot connects to the Dynamics 365 CRM system and Office 365. It provides a sales team with streamlined access to CRM data such as Opportunities and Accounts, as well as their calendar.

SalesBot can be deployed easily within your current work environment as a bot service delivering instant support to your employees. Want it to do more? Easy. The power of the LiveTiles Bots platform is that you can change and evolve your bot simply and quickly. The same platform can be used to deliver other bots as well, allowing you to meet a range of different user needs.

How was it built?

SalesBot has been designed and built using the LiveTiles Bots platform and leverages the power of Microsoft’s Bot Framework, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Logic Apps. It connects to a Dynamics 365 and Office 365 environment with sample data.

How do I use it?

SalesBot has been designed to understand a set of simple natural language statements. Some examples you can try with this demo are:

  • List my top Accounts
  • What are our top opportunities?
  • My meetings today
  • My next meeting

In this example, the bot is presented within a web-based chat interface, but LiveTiles Bots also supports deployment to Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, or a native Windows 10 application.

How does it work?

Built using LiveTiles Bots, SalesBot relies on the latest AI technology from Microsoft including the Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services, in particular LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service).

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