The Data tab is primarily used to help manage how the News Tile displays and interacts with content from a list within SharePoint. The News Tile retrieves displayable content from either an Announcements List or a Custom List. The management of custom fields and the organization of data are all key aspects of this tab. It is important to focus on the type of list you are using. If you are using a list that is incompatible with the News Tile, make sure that the list as all of the required custom fields, or simply create an Announcements List.

List Path
Sets the List where the items are retrieved from by the tile.

Starting View
The SharePoint View which will load by default when a user logs into a page on which the new news tile is present. 

End-User Toggle View
This options allows designers/owners to set which list views can be accessed and toggled through by an end-user. 

Title Field
Allows users to choose which field is the title on each item.

Content Field
Allows users to choose which field is the Content on each item.

Date Field
Allows users to choose which date field the New news tile will leverage. Users can choose between the date an item was created or the date an item was last modified. 

Image Source
Chooses the image within the image column (attached image) or an attached hyperlink.

Image Field
Allows users to choose which field the image is retrieved from.

Order By
Sets the content of the tile to be ordered either by Newest to Oldest, or Oldest to Newest. 

List URL Type
Allows users to choose whether they would like the announcement to open up in the LiveTiles Announcement page, the SharePoint list page or a custom URL field associated with the list. Depending on the URL type you select, different options will become accessible. 

  • If SharePoint list is selected, there will no other options from there.
  • If a Custom Field is selected, there will be the option to modify the Click URL Field
  • If LiveTiles Announcement page is selected, you may modify the List Page Colors and the Click Behavior to Attached Office Documents

Click URL Field
If the Custom URL Field is chosen, you will be able to choose a custom field from a drop-down menu, including the ability to set the link URL to none so it doesn't open.

List Page Colors
If the LiveTiles Announcement Page is chosen, you will be able to select from three fields that allow you to be able to choose the colors for the list page to make it match your branding:

  1. Active Color
  2. Accent Color
  3. Accent BG Color
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