Font Tab

The Font tab offers stylistic typeface configurations. This tab essentially controls how text is displayed on the Title, Body, and Header. 

Item Size
This setting controls the size of the items within the tile, with the options to set it to small, medium, or larger size. The image and text change size as a group and do not change individually. The items are in reference to the general content of the screen.
When selecting an Item Size, it is important to consider other elements within the page. If you plan on using and displaying many content on a single page, it is best to consider making the items smaller.

Override Page Font
This setting allows the user to override the font family for either the Title Font, Page Font and/or Header Font that has been selected if the checkbox is checked. Once checked, Font Family will appear.

  • Font Family changes the font family of the text.  This is only available if the Override Page Font setting has been toggled on.

Font Size
Changes the size (in pixels) of the text.

Font Color
Changes the color of the text.  Colors are modified via a color picker that appears once font color is clicked.

Font Style
Allows the user to choose if the font is underlined or Italic.

Font Weight
Allows the user to choose the weight of the font (Light, Normal, Bold).

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