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  1. Announcement List Overview
  2. Create your Announcement List

Announcement List Overview

What's an Announcements List? Announcements Lists are used for the News Tile suite. This article describes how users can create an Announcements List within SharePoint and how they can add/modify custom fields. The News Tile requires three specific column categories (or more commonly referred to as Custom Fields): Title, Content and an Image. This article helps guide users in creating not only an Announcement List, but one that also is functional with the News Tile. 

There is an Announcements List Template App: There is a template (app) for an Announcement List that is fully functional with the News Tile. It contains all of the necessary custom fields and prepares the columns for users. As mentioned earlier, these columns are where the News Tile retrieves its content from. This article will show you how to create an Announcement List using LiveTiles SharePoint template and demonstrate how users can create custom lists by configuring custom fields (column categories) - all of which serve different purposes.

An Example Announcement List

Create your Announcement List

This list acts as a data storage, where the News Tile can retrieve and display content from. Contents can include text, images and/or hyperlinks - all of which are considered column categories. 

Start from your LiveTiles SharePoint site home screen.

Step One: Click the cog icon at the top right of the screen. A drop down menu should appear. Within the drop down menu, select Site Contents

Step Two: Click + New located at the top left of the header. A drop down menu should appear. Within the drop down menu, click App (LiveTiles SharePoint offers an Announcements List template. Clicking List is how a user would create a custom list). 

Step Three: Search and then select the Announcements app. 

Step Four: Create a file name for the Announcement List. (You should now be back to the same page as from step 3).

Step Five: You should now be back to your Site Contents page (from step 3). Under Contents, find and verify your Announcements List. One way to quickly verify this is by looking at the file type. The Type should say Announcements list. Consider this example:

You should now have successfully created a functional Announcements List!

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