The Behavior Dashboard gives the user a breakdown of the behavior of the users of a sub-site which utilizes LiveTiles Intelligence.

The Behavior Dashboard

The Sessions and Users tile in the top-left of the page gives the Dashboard user a time graph of the users and sessions for the site on a day to day basis. The user can move the mouse along the graph to see the point for each day.

The Device Breakdown tile in the top-right of the page gives a breakdown of which devices are being used to access the site. They are categorized as Desktop, Mobile, Tablet and Unknown. 

The Tile-Useage tile in the middle left of the page is a table showing the site-wide percentage breakdown of the tile usage. It includes the name for the tile as well as the percentage of overall interactions with that type of tile.

The Browser Breakdown in the middle right of the page is designed to show the percentages of browser use across the site. It gives the ability to hone in on a particular browser and see how many times that browser was used, based on page views.

The Pageviews by Time of Day tile found at the bottom of the page is designed to give the Dashboard user an overall breakdown of when people are accessing pages in their sub-site. By hovering over a particular time of day, the user will be able to see how many times the site users are looking at pages in that time period.

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