The Visitors Dashboard shows the overall view of site usage across departments of a sub-site which utilizes LiveTiles Intelligence.

The Visitors Dashboard

The Total Pageviews by Department tile in the top left of the Visitors Dashboard gives a graph which shows the total pageviews by department. This shows how many times users have visited a page on the site.  It is broken down into department. The top four departments are displayed separately. Additional departments are grouped together, under 'Other'. In addition, the Dashboard user will be able to see how many times pages have been viewed on the page.

The Total Sessions by Department tile in the top right shows the total sessions by department. A session is calculated by a tab/window in a browser. For example, moving between pages in the same browser window will register multiple page views, however it will still only be under one session. 

Below both of these graphs is a table which gives a detailed overview of which departments have used the site, as well as the number of sessions by department, the amount of unique users by department, and the most popular page for that department. The Dashboard user can click on Most Popular Page to be taken to the Page Dashboard for that particular page.

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