The Page Dashboard is designed to give you in-depth stats about a particular page and the interaction that users have with that page.

A Page Dashboard

The Page Dashboard includes a data-stripped, procedurally generated Page Preview of the Page's layout. The Page Preview is designed to give an overview of the site's layout to analysts and designers, while protecting data integrity and user privacy. This tile also shows when the page was created and when the page was last edited.

In addition, the user will have the ability to go to the design canvas from the page in order to make changes and/or improvements to the page. It also allows the user to go straight to the End User page.

A color-coded, numerical Engagement Score is given in the top right corner of the page.

The user is presented with Page data through following graphs:

Pageviews: The user will be able to see the trend of pageviews a page has had over the period of time the user has selected. This allows the user to get an in-depth look at the page's usage and retention rate.

Total Pageviews by Department: The user will be able to see which departments have been looking at the page. The top 4 departments are given their own separate bars. Additional departments are lumped together under 'Other'.

Tile Usage: The user will be able to see a breakdown of the tiles that have had usage on the page, as well as the amount of times the tile has been interacted with. This gives the Dashboard user an idea of which tiles are resonating with the site's user-base and which ones are not.

Total Pageviews by Department, Separated by Device: The user will be able to see which departments have been looking at the page, as well as which devices they are using to access the page. This allows the Dashboard user to allocate design resources based on which devices are most commonly used to access the site.

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