The Content Dashboard is where to get an overview of the pages of a sub-site which utilizes LiveTiles Intelligence.

The Content Dashboard

The Content Dashboard shows you a grid of pages in your sub-site. Each page shows a data-stripped, procedurally generated Page Preview of the page's layout. The Page Preview is designed to give an overview of the site's layout to analysts and designers, while protecting data integrity and user privacy.

A color-coded, numerical Engagement Score is given in the bottom left corner of the screenshot. This is calculated based on the amount of users who visit the page, how many of those users go to the page repeatedly and how much they interact with the page.

An example Page Preview. 

Clicking on a Page Preview in the Content Dashboard will take the user to the Page Dashboard for that page.  

The Content Dashboard also includes the Navigation Menu in the left hand side-bar. This allows the user to move between the Content Dashboard, Visitors Dashboard, and Behavior Dashboard.

In addition, the user can change the scope in the top right of the Content Dashboard by clicking on the date range and changing it using the date picker.

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