Enter and format rich content on your LiveTiles page.

How to Use

To enter the text editing mode, click on the tile and click on the pencil icon, or press the enter button when the tile is selected.  Then, the tile will enter an editing mode, allowing you to start typing content directly on the canvas.  To add in styles to the tile, click and drag over the text.  When any text is highlighted, a menu will appear, giving the option to add Bold or Italicize, turn the selected text into a heading, numbered or bullet point list, and quote.  Specific to the responsive and content canvas types, pressing enter to go to a new line gives the option to add in either an Image or Video Tile directly below the Content Tile onto the canvas.

Note:  There is currently a known issue where the content tile currently doesn't work in IE10.  Whilst pages with a content tile can still be viewed, while the content tile is on the design canvas in this browser, the browser will not work.



Width – Sets the width of the tile.
(Responsive Canvas Only) Auto Height
– Selected by default on the responsive canvas type.  When auto height is enabled, the height of the tile will automatically change based on the content available.
– Sets the height of the tile.
Background Color
– Sets the background color of the tile.


Override Page Font – This allows the user to override the font family that has been selected if the checkbox is checked.  Once checked, Font Family will appear.
Font Family
– Changes the font family of the text.  This is only available if the Override Page Font setting has been toggled on.
Font Size
– Changes the size (in pixels) of the text.
Font Color
– Changes the color of the text.  Colors are modified via a color picker that appears once font color is clicked.

Layout (Fixed Width Canvas)

Layer – Changes the tile to appear in the foreground, background, or custom z-index on the page.
Reorder Within Layer – Allows the object to either be brought to the front, sent to the back, or have no change within the selected layer.

Tile Behavior (Responsive/Content Canvas)

Show on Large Devices – Toggles whether the tile will appear on larger devices or not, such as desktops.
Show on Medium Devices – Toggles whether the tile will appear on medium devices or not, such as tablets.
Show on Small Devices – Toggles whether the tile will appear on small devices or not, such as phones.
Show on Extra-Small Devices – Toggles whether the tile will appear on extra-small devices or not, such as smaller phones.


Tile Visibility – Changes which groups can or cannot view the tile.  Permissions are selected with a drop down for Everyone, ‘Only for’ or ‘For everyone except’. When ‘Only for’ or ‘For everyone except’ is selected, another drop down menu will appear where groups can be assigned to the category that was selected.
Lock Tile for Non-owners
– Toggles the tile to only be modifiable by an owner.
Custom CSS Classes
– Allows multiple Custom CSS classes to be added to the tile, allowing more direct control of the tile through custom code.

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