The People Directory tile is designed to have a people directory embedded straight into your page.  The People Directory tile pulls information from AD and SharePoint online profiles, allowing you to be able to display user profiles and groups that contain the key word from the search.

Search By User

 Type either First or Last name of the user you are looking for

Search by Keyword

Enter title, role, location, etc, any keyword and the tile will return all profiles that feature that keyword


Set results in either list or card format

Data Tab-Additional Fields

These customizable fields select what "extra profile information" will be displayed when a users profile is expanded.
After you click Done, be sure to Save the Page to update the tile.
These fields information will now be featured in the user profile in the " ", indicating the "About Me" section of the user profile.
Please Note, these Additional Fields will not be reflected as columns (in List) or as lines (in card) in the search results. 

Select and label Additonal Fields from Data tab

You will see the newly added field data in the user profile in the " ".


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