In order to allow you to bring consistency to your pages, we have introduced Saved Sections into the product.

What are Saved Sections?

Saved Sections are prebuilt areas of tiles that have been pre-configured by you earlier in order to be able to roll out onto your pages without having the rebuild the same item over and over again.

For example, if your company has a header, this allows you to be able to not only build that header and deploy it to your page, but also be able to edit on mass these sections without having to keep track of what pages you have placed them on, saving you time.

Who has access to saved Sections

When you first install Designer, LiveTiles Owners will have "Full Control" access to Create/Edit sections.  All other users will have "Read Access" until Owners assign designers to the Designer group.
Once assigned, Designers will be able to create/edit and drag and drop sections on to a canvas.
The rest of the users/groups will continue having "Read Access" level permissions.  

How do I access saved Sections?

In order to access your Saved Sections, you will need to go to your canvas, and once you have sections, it will be located under the sections tab found next to the tiles tab, and are easy to place on the canvas as drag and drop.


To ensure your end users can view the saved sections used on your pages, they need to have read-only access to the LiveTiles Design subsite. To ensure they have this required permission, make sure to check the LiveTiles Design Installer page for any outstanding permission updates.

Okay, how do I create Saved Sections though?

Simple, on the Home page for LiveTiles, under the Manage section, if you have Owner permissions for LiveTiles, there will be a tab called manage sections, clicking on an existing section or creating a new one up the top the dialog box will take you to the saved section canvas.

What are the differences between the two canvas?

Simple, for Fixed width, the canvas starts smaller. For rows, you still start on one row, but can only add in nested rows to this singular row.

For both canvas' instead of page settings, instead there will be section settings in which you can add in custom code that affects this section, in addition, there is no go to page or Save As options.

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